About the Artist

Chris Zaccaria

On a recent trip abroad to paint a mural, Brooklyn-based artist Chris Zaccaria visited many historical sites. Even in Giza at the pyramids he saw people on their phones - with seemingly little curiosity about where they were. He met an American traveler who told him, "the Parthenon is a waste of time" because, "you can't get a photo by yourself there". That plus living in NYC and seeing how people can treat each other made Zaccaria realize he needed to do something about how we are interacting with ourselves, one another and our environment. The answer - Schnerds.

Schnerds are loving and curious creatures who are focused on one another in that moment alongside their fellow Schnerds. They share in experiences and help one another - when a Schnerd is having a tough time they talk about what is going on, are curious about what the other Schnerd is feeling and want to understand how they can work together to raise the frequency of the Schnerdiverse.

When we see a Schnerd it is supposed to be a reminder to be present and to be loving to those around us. So we invite all of you with open arms into the Schnerdiverse. Schnerds. Join the Herd.

The Schnerd Story

Who / what are schnerds?

Schnerds are a reminder to be present and loving to ourselves and one another

They are also super cute and - I mean - so much fun to share with others

Schnerds welcome you to join the Schnerd Herd

The Origin of Schnerds

Schnerds were born in September 2023 in Belgrade, Serbia - on a 114' (38m) long mural - designed to give passersby a moment of joy and happiness no matter what was going on in their lives that day


— Dale, Chicago

Best Hoodie Ever

I doubled down on the trash schnerd - and it's the best hoodie decision I've made.

— Latasha, NYC

Cute hoodie

Bought a small for my daughter - she loves it so I bought a second one in a different combo for her for xmas.

— Joy, Oregon

Ten stars

Love the Schnerds and their message - spread love and light people!